Simple Ribbed Leggings


500円 - Points 1,760円

Leggings pants made of ribbed material. A wide variety of colors are available.

The color of the product image may differ from the actual product due to the lighting during shooting and the display environment you are viewing. Please be forewarned.

riziere is also committed to ethical consumption, and by allowing some unevenness in color and lot size during the production process, we are able to protect the producers and offer reasonable prices to our customers.

90cm(Total length approx. 56cm, Waist approx. 20cm, Gait approx. 14cm, Hem width approx. 7.5cm)

100cm(Total length approx. 60cm, Waist approx. 21cm, Width approx. 15cm, Hem width approx. 8cm)

110cm(Total length approx. 64cm, Waist approx. 22cm, Waft approx. 16cm, Hem width approx. 9cm)

120cm(Total length approx. 70cm, Waist approx. 23cm, Waft approx. 17cm, Hem width approx. 10cm)

130cm(Total length approx. 75cm, Waist approx. 25cm, Waft approx. 18cm, Hem width approx. 11cm)

140cm(Total length approx. 81cm, Waist approx. 27cm, Waft approx. 19cm, Hem width approx. 11.5cm)

150cm(Total length approx. 86cm, Waist approx. 29cm, Waft approx. 20cm, Hem width approx. 12cm)

60% polyester, 35% cotton, 5% polyurethane

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