Starry Sky Embroidery Denim Skirt


It is a denim skirt with a cute moon and star embroidery like the night sky.
It is a silhouette that is not spreading too much, embroidery of vivid colors is a pop item♪

Denim is a material that is easy to color drop and color transfer due to friction and moisture, so please be careful when wearing and washing.
When washing, do not wash with white or other laundry of light color.

Model: Height 122cm (wearing 120 size)

[Size details]
100cm (total length about 26cm waist about 21cm hem width about 39cm)
110cm (total length about 29cm waist about 22cm hem width about 41cm)
120cm (total length about 32cm waist about 23cm hem width about 43cm)
130cm (total length about 35cm waist about 24cm hem width about 45cm)
140cm (total length about 38cm waist about 25cm hem width about 47cm)

【Mixing rate】
97% cotton, 3% polyurethane

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