Skipper deer child polo shirt


It is a simple skipper polo shirt of deer childhood.
Because it is simple, it is easy to combine, and the opening degree of openness is an exquisite design and elegant impression♪

Model: 7 years old height 122 cm (120 size wear)

[Size Details]
100 cm (landing about 46 cm Width about 29 cm sleeve length about 12 cm)
110 cm (Length about 48 cm Width about 31 cm Sleeve Length about 13 cm)
120 cm (Length about 52 cm Width about 33 cm Sleeve Length about 14 cm)
130 cm (Length about 56 cm Width about 35 cm Sleeve Length about 15 cm)
140 cm (Length about 60 cm Width about 37 cm Sleeve Length about 16 cm)

[Mixture ratio]
100% cotton

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