Embroidery fringe denim pants

1,188円 2,970円

It is a cute denim pants with fringe processing on the side.
Calinou original embroidery in back pocket♪

Please be careful when wearing or washing, because it is a material that is easy to move color and color by friction and damp.
When washing, please do not wash with white or thin other laundry.

Model: height: 122 cm

Size details
100 cm (approx. 5cm cm waist about 22cm Waku approximately about 20cm in width)
110 cm (approx. 6cm cm waist about 24 cm wide)
120 cm (total length of 66cm waist approximately 26 cm wide) approximately 22cm in width
130 cm (total length of about 70 cm waist about 28 cm wide)
140 cm (total length about 74 cm waist about 30 cm wide, about 24 cm wide width)

Cotton 97%, polyurethane 3%

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