Watama Samaan West Court GRAY


The best is cotton materials with a cool and cool texture.It's a good idea to have a sack in the top of a T-shirt.♪

In the case of product images, the actual product and color may be different depending on the lighting when shooting, and the display environment you are viewing.Please be careful.
*Rizziere is also working on the ecical consumption to protect producers and to provide a relinable price to customers by tolerating some of the colour and lot of rots that have been produced in the middle of production.

100cm/Age: 3 ~ 4, height: 95 to 105cm
110cm/Age: 4 to 5, height: 105 to 115cm
120cm/Age: 6 to 7, height: 115 -125cm
130cm/Age: 7 to 8, height: 125 to 135cm
140cm/Age: 8 to 9, height: 135 to 145cm

90 % cotton, 10 % hemp.

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