Lined Banded Collar Sweatshirt Cardigan

2,200円 - Points

\ New color INDIGO is now available!

A versatile sweat cardigan that can be used for going to school.

I recommend it for school trips.

The simple shape without a hood makes it easy to wear to nursery schools and schools.

It's not only for everyday use, but also for formal occasions.

It has a pocket that can hold a handkerchief and a tissue.

It is also a great point that the fabric can be washed easily if it gets dirty!

You can wear it with the buttons open or closed in a cute design.

The silhouette is also stylish when viewed from the side with the long back.

The design is cute whether worn with the buttons open or closed, and the long back makes for a stylish silhouette when viewed from the side. It doesn't look bloated even when worn under outerwear, and it has finger holes so you don't have to stress about the sleeves coming up under your coat.

In addition to the three colors of khaki and beige, a new indigo color is now available!

You can wear it casually, naturally, or beautifully, and it really has great versatility.

It's a great choice for both girls and boys.

*riziere is also committed to ethical consumption, and by allowing some color irregularities and lot deviations during the production process, we are able to protect the producers and offer reasonable prices to our customers.

100cm (length: approx. 29.5/36cm, body width: approx. 37cm, shoulder width: approx. 29cm, sleeve length: approx. 39cm)

110cm (length approx. 33.5/40cm, width approx. 39cm, shoulder width approx. 31cm, sleeve length approx. 42cm)

120cm (length approx. 37.5/44cm (front/rear), body width approx. 41cm, shoulder width approx. 33cm, sleeve length approx. 45cm)

130cm (length approx. 41.5/48cm (front/rear), width approx. 43cm (body width), shoulder width approx. 35cm (sleeve length approx. 48cm))

140cm (length approx. 45.5/52cm (front/back), body width approx. 45cm, shoulder width approx. 37cm, sleeve length approx. 51cm)

150cm (Length: approx. 49.5/56cm (front/rear), Body width: approx. 47cm, Shoulder width: approx. 39cm, Sleeve length: approx. 54cm)

Body: 75% Polyester, 25% Cotton, Separate fabric: 100% Cotton

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