Back Bore Quilted No Color Outerwear

3,344円 4,180円

The rustic atmosphere of cotton is a stylish quilted outerwear.
The lining is boa and thick, so it is safe and warm even in cold winters.
It is a khaki color close to gray, and it is a product that I would like you to pick up by all means even for those who like natural styling.

* Riziere also works on environmental consumption and uses high-quality textiles that are usually discarded due to cancellations from manufacturers due to a large amount of production stock and some color blurring.

100cm (length about 42cm sleeve length about 26cm body width about 42cm)
110cm (length about 44cm sleeve length about 28cm body width about 44cm)
120cm (length about 46cm sleeve length about 30cm body width about 46cm)
130cm (length about 48cm sleeve length about 32cm body width about 48cm)
140cm (length about 50cm sleeve length about 34cm body width about 50cm)

Front side: 100% cotton Back side: 100% polyester

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