Boa Best Food Outerwear

4,400円 - Points

An outer like a layered Boa Best to Hoody appeared.
There is a feeling of trend with plenty of volume,
The lining is a plenty fake fer and it is warmth of peace of mind.

* Riziere is also working on Escical consumption, and uses high quality textiles that are usually discarded by the manufacturer's cancellations, such as the number of production stocks and some color blur.

100 cm (longitudinal length about 47 cm sleeve length about 32 cm Width about 46 cm)
110 cm (Length about 50 cm Sleeve Length about 34 cm Width about 48 cm)
120 cm (Length about 53 cm Sleeve Length about 36 cm Width about 50 cm)
130 cm (Length about 56 cm Sleeve Length about 38 cm Width about 52 cm)
140 cm (Length about 59 cm Sleeve Length about 40 cm Width about 54 cm)

Surface side: 100% polyester Lining: polyester 100% sleeve, parka section: 100% cotton

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