Blouse with Neck Gathering Band Collar Pocket

2,200円 - Points 2,750円

A band collar blouse with stylish gathers around the collar - it is a versatile piece that can be used as a haori in the early fall.

It has pockets on both sides.

With regard to the product image, there is a case that the color taste looks different from the actual product due to the lighting at the time of shooting and the display environment that you are viewing. Please be forewarned.

*riziere is also committed to ethical consumption, and by allowing some color irregularities and lot deviations during the production process, we are able to protect the producers and offer reasonable prices to our customers.

100cm(Length 45cm, Body width 36cm, Sleeve length NP~45cm)

110cm (Length: approx. 49cm, Width: approx. 38cm, Sleeve length: NP ~ approx. 48cm)

120cm(Length approx. 53cm, width approx. 40cm, sleeve length NP~approx. 51cm)

130cm(Length approx. 57cm, Width approx. 42cm, Sleeve length NP~approx. 54cm)

140cm(Length approx. 61cm, Width approx. 44cm, Sleeve length NP~approx. 57cm)

150cm(Length approx. 65cm, Width approx. 46cm, Sleeve length NP~60cm)

100% cotton

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