【New】Natural No Color Spring Jacket


I was able to make a jacket with a gentle impression using a natural and rustic fabric.
The no-color, minimalist design is perfect for the mood you're feeling right now.
In this season when the temperature difference is intense, it is safe to have one.

Regarding the product image, depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the display environment you are looking at, the color may look different from the actual product. Please understand in advance.
* Riziere also works on essical consumption, and by allowing some color and lots of flakes that came out in the middle of production, we protect producers and provide reasonable prices to customers.

100cm (length about 42cm sleeve length about 26cm body width about 48cm)
110cm (length about 45cm sleeve length about 29cm body width about 50cm)
120cm (length about 48cm sleeve length about 32cm body width about 52cm)
130cm (length about 51cm sleeve length about 35cm body width about 54cm)
140cm (length about 54cm sleeve length about 38cm body width about 56cm)

100% cotton

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