【New】Center Press Basic Shorts

2,024円 - Points 2,530円

It is a beautiful half pants with a center press.
Because it is a loose silhouette, it looks like a culotte
You can wear it cutely.
The gentle color that is perfect for spring coordinates is also a point.

Regarding the product image, depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the display environment you are looking at, the color may look different from the actual product. Please understand in advance.
* Riziere also works on essical consumption, and by allowing some color and lots of flakes that came out in the middle of production, we protect producers and provide reasonable prices to customers.

100cm (waist about 46-78cm Wakiso length about 35cm inseam about 14cm)
110cm (waist about 48-75cm Wakiso length about 37cm inseam about 16cm)
120cm (waist about 50-80cm Wakiso length about 39cm inseam about 18cm)
130cm (waist about 21-82cm Wakiso length about 41cm inseam about 20cm)
140cm (waist about 52-84cm Wakiso length about 44cm inseam about 22cm)

100% polyester

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