Turtleneck cut-and-sew with corduroy bustier

3,168円 - Points

Turtleneck cut-and-sew with corduroy bustier.
Turtleneck with a cute silhouette of shoulders,
Girlhood perfect score♡

Because it is a back brush, warmth is perfect!

Bustiers and cut-and-sews can be used separately.
You can enjoy it with your favorite coordinates.

Skirt matching, of course,
It is also recommended to wear it on a manish together with pants.

100cm (length about 40cm sleeve length about 36cm body width about 30cm)
110cm (length about 44cm sleeve length about 40cm body width about 32cm)
120cm (length about 48cm sleeve length about 44cm body width about 34cm)
130cm (length about 52cm sleeve length about 48cm body width about 36cm)
140cm (length about 56cm sleeve length about 52cm body width about 38cm)

[Body] Polyester 65% Rayon 35% [Bustier] Cotton 100%

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