West Gather Melton Tapered Pants


Pants with a cute silhouette appeared.
Melton fabric with a smooth feel and high heat insulation, perfect for winter coordination♡
It is a design of the waist that seems to be layered, and it is stylish even if I wear a top in.

* Riziere also works on environmental consumption and uses high-quality textiles that are usually discarded due to cancellations from manufacturers due to a large amount of production stock and some color blurring.

100cm (waist about 46-68cm Waki total length about 58cm inseam about 32cm)
110cm (waist about 47-71cm Waki total length about 62cm inseam about 36cm)
120cm (waist about 48-74cm Wakiso length about 66cm inseam about 40cm)
130cm (waist about 49-77cm Wakiso length about 70cm inseam about 44cm)
140cm (waist about 50-80cm Wakiso length about 74cm inseam about 48cm)

Front side: 65% polyester rayon 35% Lining: 100% polyester

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