Tapered pants with back bore

2,288円 2,860円

It is a simple design pants with a back bore.
Ivory shining in a winter corde that tends to be dark.
It is also recommended for Winter White Corde, like a model corde.

* Riziere is also working on Escical consumption, and uses high quality textiles that are usually discarded by the manufacturer's cancellations, such as the number of production stocks and some color blur.

100 cm (about 42-80 cm wide total length about 58 cm crotch about 36 cm)
110 cm (waist about 44-82 cm Length about 62 cm crotch about 38 cm)
120 cm (approximately 48-84 cm wide total length about 66 cm crotch approximately 40 cm)
130 cm (about 50-86 cm Long Length about 50-86 cm Length approximately 43 cm in crotch)
140 cm (about 52-88 cm Length about 52-88 cm Length about 74 cm crotch about 46 cm)

Top side: 100% cotton Back side: Polyester 95% polyurethane 5%

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