Front Frill Corduroy Pants

2,640円 3,300円

Frills that entered the front are cute corduroy pants♪

With regard to product images, the actual product and the color taste may be different depending on the lighting and viewing environment when shooting. Please note.
※ Riziere is also working on Escical consumption and allows you to protect producers and provide reasonable prices to customers by allowing some color uneven and lot blurring that appear in the middle of production.

100 cm (landing length about 18 cm sleeve length about 54 cm width about 32 cm)
110 cm (Length about 19 cm Sleeve Length about 58 cm Width about 36 cm)
120 cm (Length about 20 cm Sleeve Length about 62 cm Width about 39 cm)
130 cm (landing about 21 cm sleeve length about 66 cm Width about 43 cm)
140 cm (Length about 22 cm Sleeve Length about 70 cm Width about 47 cm)

Cotton 95% polyurethane 5%

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