Denim Relax Half Pants

1,320円 - Points 2,640円

It is a relaxing half pants using high quality denim materials that are particular about the details of the details such as a spacious silhouette, the cut of the hem.♪

Denim is a material that is easy to move and colored by friction and wet, so please be careful when wearing and washing. Do not wash together with white or thin color other laundry when washing. Please be careful enough because it is faded and discolored for a long time in direct sunlight or fluorescent light.
* Riziere is also working on Escical consumption, and uses high quality textiles that are usually discarded by the manufacturer's cancellations, such as the number of production stocks and some color blur.

100 cm / Age: 3 to 4, Height: 95-105 cm
110 cm / Age: 4 to 5, Height: 105 to 115 cm
120 cm / Age: 6 to 7, Height: 115 to 125 cm
130 cm / Age: 7 to 8, height: 125-135 cm
140 cm / Age: 8 to 9, height: 135-145 cm
150 cm / Age: 9 to 10, height: 145 ° 155 cm

100% cotton

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