Denim French Work Shirt

2,970円 - Points

It is a basic French work shirt using high-quality denim material ~ It is a versatile item that can also be used as a haori♪

Denim is a material that is easy to color drop and color transfer due to friction and moisture, so please be careful when wearing and washing. When washing, do not wash with white or other laundry of light color. Please be careful because it fades and turns color by being exposed to direct sunlight and fluorescent light for a long time.
* Riziere also works on environmental consumption and uses high-quality textiles that are usually discarded due to cancellations from manufacturers due to a large amount of production stock and some color blurring.

100cm/ Age: 3-4, Height: 95-105cm
110cm/ Age: 4-5, Height: 105-115cm
120cm/ Age: 6-7, Height: 115-125cm
130cm/ Age: 7-8, Height: 125-135cm
140cm/ Age: 8-9, Height: 135-145cm
150cm/ Age: 9-10, Height: 145-155cm

100% cotton

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