Double Gauze Relaxing Loungewear

1,870円 - Points 3,740円

This loungewear is made of double gauze material that is soft and comfortable against the skin.

The piping design is a key point♪ Because it is an orthodox design, we were particular about the roundness of the collar. In addition to the chest pocket, there are pockets on both sides of the pants.

For product images, there are cases where the actual product and color may look different due to the lighting during shooting and the display environment you are viewing. Please understand beforehand.

*riziere is also committed to ethical consumption, and by allowing some color irregularities and lot deviations to occur during the production process, we are able to protect our producers and offer reasonable prices to our customers.

[Size details]

90cm/ Age: 2~3, Height: 85~95cm

100cm/ Age: 3~4, Height: 95~105cm

110cm/ Age: 4~5, Height: 105~115cm

120cm/ Age: 6~7, Height: 115~125cm

130cm/ Age: 7~8, Height: 125~135cm

140cm/ Age: 8~9, Height: 135~145cm

[Blend ratio]

100% cotton

Model: 112cm (wearing 110size)

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