Double Gauze Cut-And-Sew One Piece BROWN (All 3 Colors)

1,320円 - Points 2,640円
It is a double-gauze and a one-piece cut-switching.
It has a convenient pocket on both sides.

In the case of product images, the actual product and color may be different depending on the lighting when shooting, and the display environment you are viewing.Please be careful.
* rizière has been working on the ecical consumption and allowed customers to be able to protect their products and to provide a leasnable price to customers by tolerating some of the colour and lot of rots that emerged during the production.

[Size Details]
100 cm (approx. 62cm in width, approximately 34 cm in width, about 26 centimeters in height and 35 cm long)
110cm (Approximated 666 cm in height, approximately 36 cm in width, approximately 38cm in width of the shoulder width)
120cm (Approximated 70 cm wide, approximately 38 cm in width, about 30 centimeters long shoulder width, approx. 41cm)
130cm (approx. 74 cm wide, approximately 40 cm wide, approximately 32 cm long shoulder width and approximately 44 cm long)
140 cm (approximately 42 cm in height, approximately 42cm shoulder width 34 cm long, approximately 47 cm long)
150cm (Approximated 84cm wide, approximately 45 cm wide, approximately 36 cm long, about 50 cm long)

Cotton 100 %


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