Cotton Aladdin Pants Black

1,694円 2,420円

Aladdin pants soft cotton.
Comes with a convenient pocket on both sides.

Here are photosIt is a sales page of the first blank.
After 6 sheets, please see the other color variation from the item list♪

As for the product image, the lighting at the time of taking a picture, and the display environment seen may differ in the actual product and the color taste. Please understand beforehand.
This product may be slightly different color or shade depending on the production time.
* rizierre also protects the producers by allowing for some color unevenness and lot swings, which can also be tackled in the production of eco-friendly goods, and can provide reasonable prices for customers.

Size details
100 cm (approx. 62 cm wide width 34cm shoulder width approximately 26 cm long sleeve length 35 cm)
110 cm (approximately 36 cm in width, about 36 cm in width, about 28 cm in width, about 38 cm in sleeve length)
120cm (approximately 70 cm in width, about 38cm shoulder width approximately 30cm sleeve width about 41 cm)
130 cm (approx. 74 cm in width, about 40 cm in width, about 32 cm in width, about 44 cm in sleeve length)
140 cm (approx. 78 cm wide width 442 cm shoulder width about 34 cm sleeve sleeve length 47 cm)
150cm (approximately 84 cm in width, about 44 cm in width, about 36 cm in width)

Cotton 100%

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