Organic Cotton 8-Minute Length Relaxing Pants

2,871円 3,190円

It is an 8-minute long pants characterized by a natural texture using organic cotton. It is a relaxing pants of the calculated exquisite pattern ~ It is easy to coordinate with a natural generation color♪

* Riziere also works on environmental consumption and uses high-quality textiles that are usually discarded due to cancellations from manufacturers due to a large amount of production stock and some color blurring.

100cm/ Age: 3-4, Height: 95-105cm
110cm/ Age: 4-5, Height: 105-115cm
120cm/ Age: 6-7, Height: 115-125cm
130cm/ Age: 7-8, Height: 125-135cm
140cm/ Age: 8-9, Height: 135-145cm
150cm/ Age: 9-10, Height: 145-155cm

100% cotton

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