Cotton Brushed Natural Dress SHINE (All 7 Colors)

1,265円 2,530円

It is a natural dress using a soft nel material. Simple design and silhouette make it easy to wear and comfortable to wear ◎
The chic autumn-colored VINE has a gentle atmosphere even if it is like an adult.
Convenient pockets on both sides.

This is the sales page of the 1st to 6th photos.

After the 7th, other color variations, please see from the product list♪

※ With regard to the product image, depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the display environment you are looking at, there is a case where the color taste looks different from the actual product. Please understand in advance.
※ This product, depending on the production time in the fabric, some color differences and shades may be seen.
* rizière also works on essical consumption, and by allowing some color and lots of snables that came out in the middle of production, we are protecting producers and providing reasonable prices to customers.

[Size details]
100cm (length about 66cm body width about 34cm shoulder width about 26cm sleeve length about 35cm)
110cm (length about 70cm body width about 36cm shoulder width about 28cm sleeve length about 38cm)
120cm (length about 74cm body width about 38cm shoulder width about 30cm sleeve length about 41cm)
130cm (length about 78cm body width about 40cm shoulder width about 32cm sleeve length about 44cm)
140cm (length about 82cm body width about 42cm shoulder width about 34cm sleeve length about 47cm)
150cm (length about 86cm body width about 44cm shoulder width about 36cm sleeve length about 50cm)

【Mixing rate】
100% cotton

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